These are some UX methods I use to support agile product teams and product managers:

Light-weight Agile / UX process for apps with complex, branching workflows:


Axure for functional prototyping: YAAY!

Figma for visual design teams: YAAY!

Note: This portfolio includes both functional design (Axure) and visual design (Figma) examples. I'm actually somewhat tool agnostic so there's also Sketch, XD, UXPin, Photoshop, Stable Diffusion ;) and many other tools in the mix.


Axure / HTML+JS rapid prototyping for complex business logic (conditional screen flow, data model repeaters and global state variables for multi-carrier shipping application):

Clinical reporting app with statistical analysis of hospital sample collection workflows (functional prototype):

A tracking application for practice group performance eval (functional prototype):

Dashboard and workflow software for bundled healthcare services contracting:

Dashboard for Provider Forensics App with innovative filtering and ribbon interface:

Value-added financial, network and clinical reporting dash:

Quality-of-Care reporting for Hospital Systems and Insurance providers:

A feed driven provider intelligence site for healthcare analytics:

Targeting specialist providers for bundled service contracts based on performance:

Healthcare contract finance dashboard with statistical analysis of margins and critical levels:

Interaction design for complex reporting apps including advanced filtering and table interaction features:


AI-based chatbot application for large-scale customer support. Includes live hand-off from AI bot to human agent. Also, extensive analytics and reporting screens:

Dashboard with Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter scores for AI-based customer support chatbot app.

Conversational Knowledge Exchange UI involving human problem-solving workflows and integration with chatbots and other conversational entities:

I'm a designer, but I use pandas, numpy, scikit and matplot libraries to understand the lexical aspects of conversational content.

Shown is clustering of 5,000 hotel guest chatbot queries. Clusters help define topics, intents, context, entities and NLU flow logic:

Lexical analysis with Python SpaCy to examine the hotel chatbot corpus and show diffusion of key utterances like 'parking,' 'restaurant,' 'hotel room' ...which drives customer intent in an NLU application:


GUI prototyping for tablet and embedded systems, including customer usability testing for touch interfaces:

Clinical handheld device with integrated patient ID barcode scanner:

Work with corporate art director to deploy design systems that deliver standardized visual style and reusable UI design patterns:


Push user tracking event data from prototype to analytics repos and viz tools:

Custom Javascript event handlers in prototypes and beta software push user interactions into Google Analytics and other tracking / reporting repositories:

Usability Testing with moderated and unmoderated user tracking tools:


I've worked on several enterprise design system projects over the past 10 years. I recently built a full-featured design system from the ground up that specifies corporate look-and-feel, Figma component library, interactive design patterns and shared CSS framework.

Standard patterns for table treatment and related sort/filter controls:

Pixel-perfect 'engineering-grade' redline specs that make developer's lives easier:

Central reference site for color, typography, components, themes, icons, templates and other standard design artifacts:

Standardized icons for a wide range of uses:

Standard treatment for business forms, inputs, error handling, etc.:

Color palettes based on corporate marcom team standards:

Visual treatments for interaction states, alerting, dynamic widgets:

Full range of button patterns and related interaction states (Figma components):

Comprehensive accessibility framework for WCAG/508 compliance, including user controls for contrast level and text size, screen reader support, Aria syntax, and page reflow for alternative screens and devices:

Design System compliance scorecard that grades Product Line owners on alignment with corporate look-and-feel standards and accessibility goals:

Central Design interface with Agile sprint process:


Quantitative usability testing. Innovative approach to measuring user UI task performance while gathering psychometric insights and screen recordings in the early formative design stages (moderated or unmoderated usability testing):

Complex, stateful workflow prototyping. Video walk-through of amazing Axure capabilities with global variables, data model repeaters and conditional logic:

Testing ChatGPT for python generation, statistics and visual analytics. Video walk-through of a ChatGPT experiment that compared GPT statistical test results to an authoritative textbook. Also looked at GPT's ability to create data visualizations from a popular 3rd-party graphics library:

Brains and bots at their best! An AI-based conversational customer support chatbot sends an emergency message to an advanced AI-driven knowledge exchange (KE) where humans and AI agents solve problems together:

Clinical mobile app. I created interaction and visual design for a complex hospital workflow app supporting clinicians interacting with patient data via handheld:

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