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Steve King

UI/UX designer &
web technologist

Skills & Experience

UI/UX design and prototyping:

User-centric interaction design, rapid UI prototyping, design systems, Agile and UX best practices.

Web Tools and Technologies:

Mark-up coding and systems integration for web site / web app testing and validation...

Prototypes & Production UI

Responsive design for multi-device compatibility across IOS, Android, MacOS and Windows:

Axure rapid prototyping for complex business logic (conditional screen flow, data model repeaters and global state variables for multi-carrier shipping application):

GUI prototyping for tablet and embedded systems, including customer usability testing for touch interfaces:

Clinical reporting system with interactive charts and tables based on complex operational dataset:

Clinical handheld device with integrated patient ID barcode scanner:

Work with corporate art director to deploy design systems that deliver standardized visual style and reusable UI design patterns:

Touch-and-swipe tablet prototype for procedure automation in a large power generation plant (functional prototype):

Tracking application for practice group performance eval (functional prototype):

Healthcare claims and bundled payments processing:

Dashboard and workflow software for bundled healthcare services contracting:

AI-based chatbot application for large-scale customer support. Includes live hand-off from AI bot to human agent. Also, extensive analytics and reporting screens:

Conversational knowledge Exchange UI involving human problem solving workflows and integration with chatbots and other conversational entities:

Dashboard for Provider Forensics App with innovative filtering and ribbon interface:

Value-added financial, network and clinical reporting dash:

Quality-of-Care reporting for Hospital Systems and Insurance providers:

A feed driven provider intelligence site for healthcare analytics:

Cost and Utilization dashboard for tracking key cost-per-patient-per-month metrics:

Targeting specialist providers for bundled service contracts based on performance:

Usability Testing

Push user tracking event data from prototype to analytics repos and viz tools:

Custom Javascript event handlers in prototypes and beta software push user interactions into Google Analytics and other tracking / reporting repositories:

Usability Testing with moderated and unmoderated user tracking tools:

UX Best Practices:

These are some of the project tools / methods I use to help cross-functional teams get on the same wavelength (engineers, executives, engineers, product managers, marketing, legal, finance, operations, BA’s, domain experts and knowledge workers).

My UX process uses hybrid Cooper/Norman methodology:

Advanced, focused UX process used for apps with complex, branching workflows:

Central Design interface with Agile sprint process:

Design Systems

I've worked on several enterprise design system projects over past 10 years. I recently built a full-featured design system from the ground up that specifies corporate look-and-feel, Figma component library, interactive design patterns and shared CSS framework.

Standard patterns for table treatment and related sort/filter controls:

Pixel-perfect 'engineering-grade' redline specs that make developer's lives easier:

Central reference site for color, typography, components, themes, icons, templates and other standard design artifacts:

Standardize icons for a wide range of uses:

Standard treatment for business forms, inputs, error handing, etc.:

Color palettes based on corporate marcom team standards:

Visual treatments for interaction states, alerting, dynamic widgets:

Full range of button patterns and related interaction states (figma components):

Comprehensive accessibility framework for WCAG/508 compliance, including user controls for contrast level and text size, screen reader support, Aria syntax, and page reflow for alternative screens and devices:

Design System compliance scorecard that grades Product Line owners on alignment with corporate look-and-feel standards and accessibility goals:

LinkedIn Skills Profile

LinkedIn bio:


Video Clips

Quantitative Usability Testing. Innovative approach to measuring user task performance while gathering psychometric insights and screen recordings in the early formative design stages (moderated or unmoderated usability testing):

Complex, Stateful Workflow Prototyping. Video walk-through of amazing Axure capabilities: global variables, data model repeaters, conditional logic, etc:

Testing ChatGPT python generation for statistics and visual analytics. Video walk-through of a ChatGPT experiment that compared GPT statistical test results to an authoritative textbook. Also looked at GPT's ability to create data visualizations from a popular 3rd-party graphics library:

Clinical mobile app.I created interaction and visual design for a complex hospital workflow app supporting clinicians interacting with patient data via handheld:

Next Steps

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