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Steve   King

I'm a UX designer and Conversational UI specialist who creates software products and related written / visual content. My content has been published in news sites, journals, books and periodicals for large audiences worldwide.


Storytelling Organizations, David M Boje, PhD, New Mexico State University

I wrote a chapter in this reference book and collaborated with Professor Boje on methodologies and org storytelling theory.

Compiled and edited by the leading scholar in this field, Storytelling Organization explores how narrative and storytelling are key dimensions of organizational strategy, development and learning process.


Paper on collaborative medical knowledge site that I designed. Published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

The project was led by Johns Hopkins University and had participation from UNC School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health. I provided the platform design and methodologies for tracking and analyzing patterns of healthcare knowledge sharing on the site.


Paper on Internet Protocol IPv6 (the current standard for communications across the global internet).

I collaborated with leading network engineers to craft a paper describing the next-gen internet communications protocol. Was reviewed and published by the internet standards body and has been read widely for many years.



What does the education of a UX designer/researcher look like?

UX is relentlessly cross-discipline, which allows us to understand the human factors of user populations and the care-abouts of each individual user in their own context. Multi-discipline training also gives us the ability to converse and think deeply with all the various corporate teams, stakeholders and domain experts: engineering, marketing, finance, legal, client services, etc.

Home schooling program for data science, statistics and analytics: Free university resources for Quants!








Security papers and articles for leading cyber-intellence providers:


Cisco Broadcast Conference - web demonstration, video, literature, conference booth
  • Worked with senior Cisco product managers to create positioning, messaging
  • Created short copy for signage and branding of booth
  • Produced content for collateral, data sheets, presentations,
  • Wrote video script; worked with art director on story boards
  • Created online email promotion content strategy
Brochure sample


Cisco Real Broadband - online knowledge-site and DVD
  • Produced content, messaging and site organization
  • Created vertical market versions of content
  • Worked with art director to produce supporting DVD
  • Wrote script for DVD
Storyboard sample 1


Storyboard sample 2


New Jersey Pharma - house ads for trade organization
  • This .Org represents major pharma companies in Trenton and Washington, DC
  • Worked with through review cycles guided by in-house team
  • Incorporated existing branding and color scheme
  • Created different aspect ratios for various publications
  • Toolset: figma, custom icons, stock art, etc.


Microsoft-HP - joint global integrated marketing program
  • Designed front-end research study (Roper/NOP)
  • Created advertorial content working with product managers
  • Managed microsite content creation
  • Managed banner ads and online promotion work
  • Created content for opt-in participants

Advertorial sample


Intel - knowledge leadership campaign
  • Worked with Intel executives on campaign content and positioning
  • Interviewed top engineers and product managers
  • Supervised production of creative for InfoWeek and microsite
  • Content covered distributed computing, CRM, SCM, ERP and BI
Intel-InfoWeek insert


Intel messaging hierarchy - guide for marketing, sales and channel
  • Worked with Intel executives to standardized messaging
  • Wrote 100 page internal message hierarchy doc
  • Customized messaging for various vertical markets
  • Created messaging scenarios for specific products and business units
MCI managed data center services - integrated campaign
  • Worked with MCI executives to VP level on positioning
  • Wrote long and short copy for print advertisements
  • Created print/web/event campaign
  • Chose keynote speakers (Gartner, Meta, Yankee)
  • Created event promotion and telemarketing scripts
  • Wrote advertorial and microsite content

Print advertising unit 1 - CIO Magazine


Print advertising unit 2 - CIO Magazine


Wilson Miller marketing agency - custom marketing research and analysis
  • Wrote backgrounders for this agency's pitch process
  • Researched Dell, Verisign, Sonus, Omnetica, etc
  • Created insights into competitive landscape
  • Provided messaging and positioning strategies
  • Researched market segmentation and demographics
Gateway Computers - IT makeover contest for SMBs
  • Created online contest for small businesses
  • Designed web presence for contest
  • Designed series of editorial marketing advertorials
  • Print-to-web promotions and advertising
Teleconnect International - B2B and B2C calling cards
  • Created product/company visual identity, branding, naming
  • Designed print and online advertising/media program
  • Viral promotions using ethnic groups and demographics
  • Contests, demand generation, scratch-and-win campaigns
  • Produced incentives, offers, collateral for dealer channel
  • Style guide


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